Performing Successful Warranty Reprogramming Events

In order to ensure successful and complete repairs are made when reprogramming control modules, GM reviews module reprogramming warranty claim information and compares it to Service Programming System (SPS) reprogramming event data records. Comparison data between the two systems can help identify potential issues.

In some instances, minor errors made by technicians during the reprogramming process can lead to incorrect or incomplete repairs. These issues may appear as error codes in the Global Warranty Management (GWM) system. In the case of a Field Action repair, this will result in the Field Action remaining open until it is confirmed that the reprogramming event(s) were completed properly.

Some of the most common errors include:

  • Incorrect or non-legible SPS Warranty Claim Codes being documented on the job card (repair order), which results in an invalid Warranty Claim Code being submitted with the warranty claim.
  • Incorrect VINs being entered in SPS and programmed into the module.
  • Incorrect modules being reprogrammed.
  • Incomplete service events; for example, a field action calls for three different modules to be reprogrammed, but the technician only reprograms one module.


To help ensure successful control module reprogramming, follow the important steps in the Helpful Tips for Technicians Performing Warranty Reprogramming Events guide. (Fig. 18) It provides the latest information to help avoid any issues with the repair and related warranty claim.


Fig. 18


– Thanks to Patti Marino


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