Squeak Sound from Exhaust System

Some 2016-2021 Camaro models equipped with the 3.6L V6 engine (RPO LGX) may have a squeak sound coming from the exhaust system while driving over bumps. The sound may be generated by a misaligned intermediate exhaust pipe flange rubbing the cup on the flex joint. If this sound is heard, inspect the exhaust system and realign the flange.

To align the flange, first remove the intermediate exhaust pipe of the side where the sound is heard. (Fig. 16)


Fig. 16


Wedge a suitable tool between the flex coupling cup and the flange to gain clearance between the flange and the flex coupler cup of approximately 1/8 inch (0.5 cm). Reposition the flange to attain the proper clearance. (Fig. 17)


Fig. 17


Reassemble the intermediate pipe to the exhaust system and verify the sound is no longer present.

For more details, refer to Bulletin #21-NA-134.


– Thanks to Kurt Hoezee

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