Freezing Turbocharger Wastegate Regulator Solenoid Valve


Some 2016-2019 Cruze models equipped with the 1.4L engine (RPO LE2) may have DTC P0234 (Engine Overboost) and P0299 (Engine Underboost) set while driving in colder weather. Due to low ambient temperatures, oil/moisture condensation may freeze in the turbocharger wastegate regulator solenoid valve (TCV). (Fig. 19, #5)


Fig. 19


If these DTCs are set, remove the turbocharger wastegate regulator solenoid valve and drain any condensation by turning the valve upside down. Blow clean shop air, regulated to 15-20 psi, through all three ports (1, 2 and 3) for five seconds each. Repeat this procedure twice. (Fig. 20)


Fig. 20


Check port #2 to ensure that the spring gets lifted off the seat. This will be determined by the compressed air not dead-heading when applied to port #2. When applying air to this port a small amount of air should be observed at port #3 and even less air will be noticed at port #1. If the air does not flow as described, the TCV plunger may have hardened deposits from hot operating conditions, which will impede TCV plunger movement, and the turbocharger wastegate regulator solenoid valve should be replaced.

After completing repairs, reinstall the turbocharger wastegate solenoid valve, clear all DTCs evaluate the condition. Be sure to perform the Intake System Learned Values Reset procedure.

Refer to #PIP5812 for additional information.


– Thanks to Robert Halas

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