Original Engine Oil Filter Leak

Some new 2020-2021 XT5, XT6, Blazer, Camaro and Acadia models equipped with the 3.6L V6 engine (RPO LGX) may have an oil leak at the engine oil filter. (Fig. 12) Drops of oil may be noticed on the ground underneath the front of new vehicles before the first oil change.


Fig. 12


If the engine oil is found to be leaking from the original oil filter – before the first oil change – between the oil filter body and the mounting surface of the gasket area, GM Engineering is requesting that photos of the condition be taken and submitted using the Field Product Reporting (FPR) app before any repairs are made.


Submit a Field Product Report

TIP: Install the FPR app on your phone following the detailed instructions in Bulletin #02-00-89-002 (U.S. only). When submitting the FPR, complete all required fields and add PIE0651 in the Condition field. All FPR submissions include added labor time.

#PIE0651 is an EI Lite (Engineering Information), which does not require technicians to call an engineer, but asks that a description of the condition and photos be submitted using the FPR app.


Before Making Repairs

Before removing the oil filter, take a photo of the location of the oil leak. Use a pointer, colored tape or another type of stick-on marker to indicate the area of the oil leak.

The leaking oil filter will be requested back by Engineering for review and testing. Please properly drain the filter and return it to the parts department.

Refer to #PIE0651 for additional information.


– Thanks to Bryan Salisbury

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