Inoperative Steering Wheel Thumbwheel Select Control Reset

The Driver Information Center (DIC) thumbwheel control on the right side of the steering wheel on some 2021 Corvettes (Fig. 28) may not work when selecting any Information tiles, radio stations, or Tire Pressure Monitoring or Oil Life system resets. The thumbwheel control is used to move through and select several instrument cluster menus and features. The thumbwheel control is rotated to scroll through information on the instrument cluster and is pressed to select various features.


Fig. 28


To reset the selection operation of the thumbwheel control, start the vehicle and wait for the Buckle Seat Belt message to time out on the Driver Information Center on the instrument cluster.

Press the right arrow on the steering wheel control (Fig. 29) until the DIC screen displays “Press (check mark) to Simplify Display.”


Fig. 29


Next, press the thumbwheel (Fig. 30) until the DIC screen displays “Push any button to continue.”


Fig. 30


Press the thumbwheel again until the DIC screen displays “Press (check mark) to Simplify Display” again. Once this message is displayed, turn off the vehicle.

Refer to #21-NA-185 for additional information.


– Thanks to Jeff Strausser

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