Transmission Cartridge Filter Return

GM Engineering is conducting transmission filter inspections on 2020-2021 Corvette models (U.S. only). The Tremec DCT TR9080 dual clutch transaxle (RPO M1L) features a transmission cartridge filter (Fig. 24) that should be replaced at the initial 7,500-mile (12,000-km) maintenance service.


Fig. 24


Vehicles that have the first scheduled maintenance performed at 7,500 or within the first year of ownership should have the transmission filter (Fig. 25) carefully removed and double-bagged for return to the Warranty Parts Center.


Fig. 25


Once the filter is removed from the transmission:

  • Do not drain the filter by turning it upside down.
  • Do not allow the filter to contact any foreign surface, such as the oil drain pan, before placing into the bag.
  • Be sure to tag the bag with the VIN and vehicle mileage.


After the claim is paid, a parts return request will be generated for the filter to be returned to the Warranty Parts Center.

Be sure to follow all steps in the Automatic Transmission Fluid Filter and Seal Replacement (Cartridge) procedure in the appropriate Service Information. In addition to a new filter, a new filter seal (Fig. 26, #3) and new fluid filter cover bolts (Fig. 26, #1) must be installed. Use Fuchs TITAN EG FFL-4 TREMEC transmission fluid only.


Fig. 26


– Thanks to Marty Leach and Jeff Strausser

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