New Accessory Wheel Lock Nuts Available for 2022 Model Year

Several new accessory wheel lock nuts with new designs will be available on some 2022 models. The new design wheel lock nuts, including chrome locks (RPO SFE) (Fig. 20) and black locks (RPO SPZ), will use carry-over RPOs.


Fig. 20


The new lock nuts, which feature an integrated a key flange for a cleaner design (Fig. 21), will be available beginning with 2022 Acadia, Traverse, Blazer and Enclave models.


Fig. 21


The Accessory Information Center (AIC) and Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) will be updated when the new locks are available.

The lock nuts and new key adaptor (Fig. 22) have 20 key codes that are specific to GM. Master key sets that include 20 keys to cover all GM key codes can be purchased from the Snap-on/GM Dealer Tools group at The key sets are expected to be available in November 2021.


Fig. 22


New Look, Added Security

The new design wheel locks feature a number of added security features, including the key flange and hex head. The key flange, located on the side of the lock, offers increase security as well as enhanced corrosion performance. The decorative hex head, designed to have a more uniform appearance with the Original Equipment (OE) wheel nuts, spins freely for added security. (Fig. 23)


Fig. 23


Key Adaptors

Customers can register the locks and order spare or replacement key adapters at A four-digit code, included with the lock kit, is required to purchase additional key adaptors.


– Thanks to Joe Villanueva and Chris Fitzgerald


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