New Dealer Infrastructure & Security Guidelines Released for 2022

GM has recently released new Dealer Infrastructure & Security Guidelines (DISG) for 2022. The new guidelines outline the dealership technology needed to ensure reliable data communications for all dealers, including recommended personal computer (PC) specifications. (Fig. 10) The guidelines also now include several security principles and best practices.


Fig. 10


Supported vs. Not Supported Applications/Software

The Supported vs. Not Supported matrix has been updated in the guidelines. (Fig. 11) For Operating Systems, Window’s 10 Professional is supported. Windows 11 Professional is currently excluded and is not supported. At this time, Windows 11 Professional has not been tested for compatibility with GM applications. Once testing is complete, more communications will be distributed.


Fig. 11


Upgrading PCs

The Desktop, Laptop and Tablet computers matrix includes Operating Minimum – minimum acceptable capability/components – and Operating Recommended – capability/components that will deliver the best performance while maximizing the lifecycle of the investment. (Fig. 12) PCs used by technicians in the service bay should not be simply upgraded with a new operating system unless the PC processor is 7th generation or better. A 9th generation or better processor is recommended.


Fig. 12


Approved browsers include Microsoft Edge version 92+ and Google Chrome version 93+. Microsoft has retired Internet Explorer (IE) and this browser is no longer supported.

The DISG covers the equipment that is supported as well as the difference between Consumer vs. Enterprise products. GM’s robust applications require Enterprise-grade products.

All dealership computers must meet the minimum standard, including using the Windows 10 Professional OS, in order to receive assistance form the Techline Customer Support Center (TCSC).

Computers used in the service department for programming are recommended to have a hard drive size of 1 TB or larger in order to handle large calibration files.

GMDESolutions offers U.S. dealerships several laptop PCs meeting all GM specifications. The laptops also are pre-loaded with Techline Connect diagnostic software to help save time and effort at the dealership.


Techline Application Recommendations

GM Techline service technician applications (Techline Connect, GDS 2, MDI Manager, MDI/MDI 2, Tech2Win, Data Bus Diagnostics Tool and Service Information) require additional computing power to perform appropriately during vehicle diagnosis and repairs.

The following recommendations are for all service technician applications:

  • Local Windows Administrative access for software installation and updates to Windows registry
  • One laptop for each technician performing service programming and vehicle diagnostics; otherwise, one for every two technicians
  • One MDI 2 for every Techline PC
  • One battery maintainer for every two MDI tools in use
  • Use of Tripp-Lite Keyspan USB-to-serial adapter (Model: USA – 19HS) for computers without serial ports


Security Guidelines

The security guidelines included are the minimum set of security capabilities that should be in place to reasonably protect information and ensure it from loss, theft and unauthorized access. The guidelines provide recommendations for accounts, access, passwords and logins as well as firewalls and data security.


View the Guidelines

U.S. dealerships: To view the latest DISG (Fig. 13) as well as PCs for purchase, go to and select the Dealer Services tab. Once you’ve input your BAC and zip code, select Techline IT Solutions from the Dealer Services menu.

Canadian Dealerships: The latest DISG can be found in the Dealer Security and Information Technology App on GM GlobalConnect.


Fig. 13


– Thanks to Lisa Scott

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  1. The GMIT team has not completed evaluation of Windows 11 Professional against Techline Connect. The evaluation is expected to conclude in a few months.

  2. John Tejera says:

    Are we going to get Windows 11 support soon? I want to get a new computer but I’m afraid having Windows 11 will not let me use GDS and everything else.

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