Steering Wheel Wiring Harness Condition

Some 2019-2020 Encore and Trax models may have several features operating improperly, including an unwanted windshield wiper swipe upon starting the vehicle, the front wipers may not park and the steering wheel controls may be inoperative at times. DTCs P155A SYM00 (Cruise Control Switch State Undetermined) and B1529 SYM03 (Control Module Voltage Reference Output 5 Circuit Low Voltage) may be set.

If these conditions are found, check the condition of the wiring under the steering wheel inflator module. (Fig. 12) There may be a short in the steering wheel harness. (Fig 13) If repairs are needed, refer to Wire to Wire Repair in the appropriate Service Information for more information about proper wire repair procedures.


Fig. 12


Fig. 13


For additional information, refer to Bulletin #21-NA-246.


– Thanks to Frank Jakubiec

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