Corvette 1st Service Visit Timing Update

The Chevrolet Complete Care program (U.S.) has been updated recently to include an extension of the Included Maintenance timing requirements for the owners of 2020-2022 Corvette models (C8) (Fig. 11) to visit a Chevrolet dealership for their first service visit.


Fig. 11


The timing for reimbursement for the first service visit has been increased from 12 months to 24 months. There are not any changes to the recommended maintenance schedule.

Owners should follow the Oil Life Monitoring system for all oil change needs. (Fig. 12) A break-in oil change is not needed.


Fig. 12


TIP: The engine oil level must be checked when the engine is warm. Cold oil level in the dry sump tank may not indicate the actual amount of oil in the system. Engine oil is contained in an external tank, separate from the engine. Under normal operating conditions, the oil pan under the engine does not store any oil. If the vehicle has been parked for an extended period without the engine being started, some oil will seep back into the oil pan, which will reduce the amount of oil held in the dry sump tank and could result in no engine oil shown on the oil level indicator. (Fig. 13)


Fig. 13


The Corvette Included Maintenance 1st Service Visit includes:

  • One covered engine oil and oil filter change, using Mobil1 oil and an ACDelco oil filter, within 2 years of ownership
  • Transmission fluid filter change (refer to Service Information document ID 5384826)
  • Multi-point vehicle inspection


Check the Corvette Owner’s Manual for the complete recommended maintenance schedule.


– Thanks to Jeff Strausser

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