Shift to Park Message on Camaro Models

Some 2016-2020 Camaro models (Fig. 7) equipped with the 8-speed automatic transmission (RPO M5T, M5U) or 10-speed automatic transmission (RPO MF6, MGL, MI1, MI2, MI4) may have a Shift to Park message displayed on the Driver Information Center (DIC).


Fig. 7


The Shift to Park message may be caused by the park switch being unable to pull the signal circuit low, telling the Body Control Module (BCM) that it is electronically in Park. If this condition is found, install a jumper harness and replace the transmission control assembly.

To install the jumper harness, first remove the front floor console and related components, and the transmission control assembly. (Fig. 8)


Fig. 8


The jumper harness should be installed between the shift control and the console body harness connector. (Fig 9) Be sure that the jump harness is not twisted or kinked when installed.


Fig. 9


Next, install the new transmission control assembly. (Fig. 10) When reconnecting the transmission range selector shift cable to the transmission, verify all connections are fully seated and properly engaged.


Fig. 10


After repairs are complete, start the vehicle and verify that the Shift to Park message is not displayed on the DIC.

For more information, including part numbers, refer to Bulletin #21-NA-245.


– Thanks to Kurtis Hoezee

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