Disabling the Chevrolet Multi-Flex Tailgate and GMC MultiPro Tailgate Function

The Chevrolet Multi-Flex tailgate and GMC MultiPro tailgate (RPO QK2) available on the 2022 Silverado 1500, Silverado 2500/3500, Sierra 1500 and Sierra 2500/3500 offers flexibility and functionality designed to improve loading, unloading and access to the cargo box. (Fig. 1) It features a primary gate and inner gate, both of which are released using the buttons on the tailgate. The primary gate also can be released remotely using the Remote Keyless Entry transmitter (key fob) or the button on the center of the instrument panel. The tailgate is not power operated.


Fig. 1


Disabling the Inner Gate

There are two release buttons on the tailgate. (Fig. 2) Unlock all doors to use the tailgate buttons. To open the primary gate, press the lower button. Press the upper button to release only the inner gate.

To open the primary gate and the inner gate at the same time, press the lower button and then the upper button consecutively.


Fig. 2


Do not lower the inner gate with the primary gate open (easy access or step positions) if a hitch ball or trailer is attached. This may damage the tailgate due to the amount of clearance between the hitch receiver and the lowered inner gate. (Fig. 3) The inner gate is equipped with an enable/disable feature to prevent it from being opened when a hitch or other equipment is installed that could damage the inner gate when lowered.


Fig. 3


To disable the inner gate from opening, press and hold the upper button on the tailgate for 3 seconds. (Fig. 4) The key fob must be within 3 feet (1 meter) of the rear bumper.


Fig. 4


The tail lamps will flash when the inner gate has been disabled. The inner and outer gates can still be operated like a traditional tailgate, but the inner gate will not be able to be opened alone.

To enable the inner gate function, press and hold the upper button on the tailgate for 3 seconds until the tail lamps flash. The inner gate can then be opened separately from the outer gate.

TIP: If the inner gate is not functioning properly, check that it has not been disabled (possibly inadvertently) by the owner. Re-enable the inner gate and check operation before continuing with any diagnosis or repairs.


Tailgate Functions

The tailgate has six functional positions, including a load stop to help secure cargo and a step for easier access to the cargo box.

Press the release bar on the inside of the tailgate to open the load stop or lower the step. (Fig. 5)


Fig. 5


The inner gate step — load rating of 375 lbs. (170 kg) — has a convenient fold-up assist handle on the left side of the cargo box. (Fig. 6)


Fig. 6


To use the handle, lift it up until it locks in the open position. To store the handle, pull the release lever toward the ball end of the handle and push the handle back to the closed position.


– Thanks to David MacGillis

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  1. option 1. Cut the cover
    Option 2. Borrow another set of jumpers
    Option 3. But another set of jumpers
    Option 4 (recommended): Store jumpers under rear seat

  2. I’d like to hear an answer to Chad’s question above, what if even after you have power the gate still fails to open and you can’t access the bed?

  3. The QK2 tailgate cannot be released normally without vehicle power. In order to release the tailgate manually, there must be access to the cargo bed. The inner cover of the tailgate can be removed and the latches can be actuated manually.

  4. chad roberts says:

    If I have a tonneau cover, and the battery goes dead in the truck, and my jumper cables are in the bed, how do I release the tailgate without power?

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