DTC P06DD Set after Engine Oil Change

DTC P06DD (Engine Oil Pressure Control Solenoid Valve Performance) may set during the first engine start up immediately following an engine oil and filter change on some 2019-2022 Silverado and Sierra models and 2020-2022 CT4 models equipped with the 2.7L engine (RPO L3B) and some 2020-2022 Encore GX and 2021-2022 Trailblazer models equipped with the 1.3L engine (RPO L3T).

If an oil change was recently performed, clear the DTC using GDS and verify the code does not return.

The DTC P06DD setting is likely due to the oil filter (Fig. 10) not being pre-primed with engine oil before installation, causing low or no oil pressure on initial start-up.

Fig. 10

If the vehicle has DTC P06DD in history, question the customer as to when the engine oil and filter was last changed. If the oil and filter was recently changed, clear the code and verify it does not return. The condition may have been induced if the engine oil and filter was recently changed at another repair facility.

For more information, refer to #PIP5844.

– Thanks to Robert Halas

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  1. Fletcher Wyman says:

    We’ve seen this several times. According to Doc ID 5125338 it should not be happening. The MIL comes on instantly when the vehicle is started. Conditions for running the DTC say “Engine = Running – For greater than 10 seconds” yet it sets within 1 second of startup.

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