Air Conditioning Odor After Auto Stop

A strong odor may be noticed coming from the HVAC vents on some 2020-2022 Equinox and Terrain models when the air conditioning is on. (Fig. 5) The odor may be more noticeable during a restart after an Auto Stop event or may vary depending on the passengers’ sensitivity.

Fig. 5

The A/C odor may be caused by the calibration of the electronic climate control module that permits the evaporator temperature to drop below 0°C/32°F. The air may have an odor as the evaporator is warming up during the stop.

To address the odor condition, an calibration update has been released for the electronic climate control module that prevents the evaporator temperature from going below 0°C/32°F.

Follow all programming guidelines in the appropriate Service Information when updating the calibration, including verifying the VIN displayed in Techline Connect menu is the same as the vehicle connected. Also be sure to record the warranty claim code on the job card (repair order).

For more information, refer to Bulletin #22-NA-045.

– Thanks to Rob Smith

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