Contaminated Charge Air Bypass Valve

Some 2011-2016 Cruze; 2012-2020 Sonic; 2013-2022 Encore and Trax models equipped with the 1.4L engine (RPO LUV) may experience several performance conditions, including loss of power, and an illuminated Check Engine MIL. After driving for a period of time, the drivability issues may seem to diminish. The following DTCs may be set: P0299 (Engine Underboost), P00C7 (Intake Air Pressure Measurement System – Multiple Sensors Not Plausible), P0234 (Engine Overboost), P2227 (Barometric Pressure (BARO) Sensor Performance) and P2261 (Turbocharger Bypass Valve Stuck). These conditions also may cause an increase in crankcase pressure, resulting in potential oil leaks at seals and gaskets.

If the performance and drivability issues are present, check the Charge Air Bypass Valve in the vacuum-side port for any contamination, such as water, oil or sludge. (Fig. 7) Disassemble and clean the valve port if any contamination is found. Refer to Charge Air Bypass Valve Replacement in the appropriate Service Information. Only replace components if necessary.

Fig. 7

Turbocharger and Intake Manifold Inspection

If the desired boost pressure vs. the actual boost pressure is not within limits, but there is not any trouble found with the turbocharger wastegate actuator or turbocharger, do not replace the turbocharger. Clean the Charge Air Bypass Valve (Fig. 8; #1. Valve spring; #2. Piston; #3. Membrane) and inspect the vacuum ports of the intake manifold for any water/oil accumulation.

In addition, clean any sludge/water from the cylinder head, cam cover and PCV pipes.

Fig. 8

Refer to #PIP5849 for additional information.

– Thanks to Scott Willems

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