GM Service Know-How Emerging Issues

The monthly GM Service Know-How Emerging Issues seminars provide service/technical information on current issues and GM certified repairs. The latest service topics from GM Brand Quality and Engineering covered in the June seminar include Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) contamination in diesel engine fuel systems (Fig. 11) and a turn signal condition on full-size SUVs.


Fig. 11


STS Requirements – Starting in 2022, completing the Emerging Issues seminars are an STS requirement (U.S.). All dealerships are required to have at least two technicians complete each course by the second month after the course has been released in order to achieve and maintain 100% in the Emerging Issues category. For example, the March seminar must be completed by May 1. The two credits can be achieved by any combination of technicians. It’s recommended that all technicians watch the latest video each month.


10222.06V – Emerging Issues (U.S.)

To view the Emerging Issues seminar:

  • Log in to or select the Center of Learning link on GM GlobalConnect.
  • Select Catalog.
  • Enter Emerging Issues or the course number in the Search box.
  • Select the desired Emerging Issues seminar course title.
  • Click “Take or Continue Course.”


TAC Talk (Canada)

To view a TAC Talk seminar covering the latest service topics in Canada:

  • From GM GlobalConnect, select Centre of Learning.
  • Under the Resources tab, select Video on Demand.
  • Scroll down to Channels.
  • Click arrow to expand the selection for GM Pro – Centre of Learning.
  • Expand the selection for TAC Talk.
  • Select the Year, Month, and desired broadcast.
  • Click the Launch button.

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