Achieving Maximum Results in the Technician Excellence Program

In the first quarter of the Technician Excellence Program (U.S.), more than 9,000 enrolled technicians earned rewards. The first quarter payouts are scheduled for the week of July 18th.



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To help ensure the success of the new Technician Excellence Program, the Service Technical College is closely monitoring technicians’ questions and feedback. A number of enhancements were implemented in Q1 based on that feedback, including:

  • Waived the minimum repair order (RO) count qualifier during program ramp-up. The RO count criterion has been restored as a Q2 payout requirement.
  • World Class Technicians are now exempt from the RO count qualifier.
  • Dashboard job aids were created for both dealer managers and technicians, providing details about interpreting and understanding the information on the Dashboard.
  • Added visibility to the RO count detail on the Technician Excellence Dashboard, displaying the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and Job Card number.
  • Clarified the 2022 Technician Excellence Program Guidelines to address frequently asked questions. “How To” steps have also been added to make navigating the program easier for dealers and technicians.


Q2 Update for Enrolled Technicians

Technicians are encouraged to use the GM Excellence Executive Dashboard found in the GlobalConnect App Center to monitor their progress in the program. (Fig. 2) The Dashboard includes technicians’ progress and earning potential for each certification as well as indicates if they’ve met the qualifiers of the minimum 25 RO count and 100% completion in Emerging Issues and Fundamentals.


Fig. 2


To help enrolled technicians maximize their earnings in the second quarter, here is an updated checklist to follow.

  • Technicians receive earnPOWER rewards based on Gold, Master or World Class certifications when meeting other qualifiers. Technicians may show Master Technician Certification (MTC) or have World Class Certification (WCT) status, but may not be up to date on Fundamentals, Emerging Issues, and/or ASE certifications. All technicians should view the Program Dashboard to determine their overall status.
  • Technicians should verify they have an active earnPOWER account. Access earnPOWER in the GlobalConnect App Center. earnPOWER account status is updated on the Technician Excellence Dashboard every Wednesday and Friday. Technicians can call 1-800-352-6638 for help with their accounts. For active users, click on “Profile” in the earnPOWER app and verify all sections have green check marks, including Email and Password, Personal, Company, and Terms of Use.
  • World Class Technicians Only – If the Technician Excellence Dashboard still shows an “N” for your My GM Rewards account, enroll by texting World Class (or WorldClass) to 81500. If you already have an account but are still showing “N” on the Program Dashboard, please email a screenshot from My GM Rewards showing your account number and email to My GM Rewards account status is updated every Monday.
  • Technicians should be using the same email address on GlobalConnect, My GM Rewards (World Class Technicians), and earnPOWER.
  • Technicians must be at 100% in the Fundamentals category on the Center of Learning by the end of the quarter (6/30/22).
  • Technicians must be at 100% in the Emerging Issues category on the Center of Learning by the end of the quarter (6/30/22). To get there, a technician requires credit in these six courses:

10221.11V –November 2021 EI

10221.12V –December 2021 EI

10222.01V –January 2022 EI

10222.02V –February 2022 EI

10222.03V –March 2022 EI

10222.04V –April 2022 EI

  • There is a 25 minimum repair order count to qualify for rewards. Current counts for technicians can be viewed on the Technician Excellence Dashboard and is updated weekly. Click the number for details. Eligible repair orders include those with your GM Identification Number (GMIN) on it that include a Warranty, Policy, Dealer-Installed Parts Warranty, or Field Action repair. PDI-related claims with your GMIN (e.g., dealer-installed accessory) are also included. World Class Technicians are exempt from the minimum repair order count.


Latest Guidelines and FAQs

The latest version of the Technician Excellence Program Guidelines (Fig. 3) is accessible via the Technician Excellence Dashboard. Select “Guidelines” in the menu on the Dashboard. The current version includes clarifications and additional information to answer frequently asked questions received over the past several months.


Fig. 3


For additional information about the Technician Excellence Program, talk with your dealership service manager.


– Thanks to Patti Marino

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