Intermittent Click Sound at the Front of the Vehicle

Some 2017-2019 Bolt EVs may have an intermittent click sound at the front of the vehicle and the ABS, traction control and/or StabiliTrack warning lamps may illuminate on the instrument cluster. DTC P215B (Vehicle Speed – Output Shaft Speed Not Plausible) may be set along with wheel speed sensor DTCs C0035–C0051. These conditions may be caused by the fracturing of the front-wheel drive shaft anti-click washer (Fig. 15, #1), which also may result in possible damage to the ABS wheel speed sensor (WSS).


Fig. 15


After verifying these conditions, replace the anti-click washer on the affected half shaft and then inspect the wheel speed sensor. If DTC P215B is set, the wheel speed sensor should be replaced.

To check the anti-click washer on each front-wheel drive shaft, separate the lower control arm from the steering knuckle and remove the anti-click washer from the outboard joint of the half shaft. (Fig. 16)


Fig. 16


Also inspect the wheel speed sensor (Fig. 17, #2) for any damage that may have been caused by contact with the oversized washer and replace the sensor if needed. If the wheel speed sensor is not damaged, reinstall the lower control arm to the steering knuckle.


Fig. 17


Refer to Bulletin #22-NA-089 for more information, including part numbers.


– Thanks to Jonathan Johnson

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  1. Fred Younes says:

    If that washer is removed and not replaced, the ABS wheel speed sensor will be certainly damaged due to insufficient clearance from the driveshaft, the washer serves a purpose.

  2. jay h jackson says:

    If the anti-click washer is making a click noise (ironic), why not remove and discard the washer like on the second gen Volt. Those washers cause more problems than they correct.

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