Component Names for the Air Leveling and Electronic Suspension Control Systems

The Air Leveling Suspension (RPO F47) and the Electronic Suspension Control System (RPO Z95) are available on 2021-2022 Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon and Escalade models. When servicing these systems, it’s important to be clear on the names of each component to ensure the correct parts are being repaired and that the correct labor operations are being used.

The Automatic Level Control Module of the Air Leveling Suspension is a complete assembly that would be replaced if the air compressor itself needed to be replaced. The Air Suspension Controller and Air Suspension Control Module are components of the Automatic Level Control Module and can be replaced separately. (Fig. 12)


Fig. 12


Components include: (Fig. 13)

  1. Automatic Level Control Module
  2. Air Suspension Controller
  3. Air Suspension Control Module

Fig. 13


The Electronic Suspension Control System includes the Suspension Control Module. (Fig. 14)


Fig. 14


For more information, including the associated labor operations for replacing the components, refer to #PIT5923.


– Thanks to Jim Will

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