Never Miss a Call with the Techline Text Service

GM Techline has an available texting service that is a convenient way to follow-up with technicians on open cases with the Techline Customer Support Center (TCSC). Using the service means never missing a phone call again while waiting for additional information.

By texting with technicians, response times are reduced for getting information needed for various programming events, gathering additional data can be gathered more quickly for researching a condition, or details can be sent faster to GM engineering to help determine a resolution.


Using the Text Service

Use of the Techline text service does not apply to all TCSC cases. The text service is only used when:

  • The dealership contact has already called into the TCSC and a case for updating calibrations to a vehicle has been established.
  • An immediate answer from the TCSC is not readily available and a callback is required.

A typical text message will include the case number, repair instructions, and details about a follow-up response, if necessary. (Fig. 5)

Fig. 5

The Techline text service is not used without the permission of the dealership contact. When a TCSC case is established and the situation requires follow-up communication, the TCSC agent will ask if the dealership contact would like to get a text response. Depending on a user’s mobile phone plan, the text service may incur normal data costs from the phone carrier.

– Thanks to Shawn Swales

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