Super Cruise Update Provides Messaging Features

A new software update is now available for the 2018 CT6 equipped with Super Cruise (RPO UKL). The update includes new instrument cluster messaging (Fig. 1) that explains why Super Cruise is unavailable or needs to disengage, enables easier Super Cruise engagement when centering the vehicle in the lane, and improves Adaptive Cruise Control to provide smoother acceleration and braking.

Fig. 1

Information about each message and its description can be found in the 2018 CT6 Owner’s Manual available in the Service Information. (Fig. 2) The messages include specific reasons why Super Cruise is not available, such as “No Road Information,” “Looking Away From Road for Too Long,” and “Set Forward Collision Setting to Alert and Brake.”

Fig. 2


Reprogramming Modules

The software update requires reprogramming the following modules in order:

  1. HVAC Control Module (K33)
  2. Instrument Cluster (P16)
  3. Multifunction Energy Storage Capacitor Control Module (K186)
  4. Radar Sensor Module-Short Range (B233)
  5. Active Safety Control Module (K124)

The modules should be programmed in the order listed with the ignition cycled off and on again between each programming event. If the Same Calibration/Software Warning appears on the Service Programming System (SPS) screen, select OK and continue programming.

Refer to Control Module References in the appropriate Service Information for module programming instructions. Record the SPS Warranty Claim Code for each programming event on the job card.

– Thanks to Katul Patel and Blake Streling


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  1. Have we noticed any issues that may occur with the vehicle not recognizing that the driver is looking straight forward with eyes open however they are wearing glasses? I was just curious if temporary glare from the sun bouncing back may affect the camera watching the driver.