New Keyed Ignition System on 2019 Models

Starting with the 2019 model year, all Buick, Chevrolet and GMC models — excluding 2019 Silverado legacy models; Sierra legacy models; and Express and Savana models — with a keyed ignition will have a Push-to-Turn-Off Ignition. (Fig. 20) The 2019 Silverado legacy models, Sierra legacy models, and Express and Savana will be updated with the new ignition system later in the model year.

Fig. 20

The new keyed ignition system is designed to make the key cylinder more robust to unintended rotation while the vehicle is on. The cylinder and housing look the same as previous model years with the same four traditional cylinder positions (Lock/Off, Accessory, On/Run, Start), but it requires the driver to push in the key in order to turn the cylinder counter-clockwise to turn off the vehicle. (Fig. 21) If the key is not pushed inward, the key will not turn. There are no changes to starting the vehicle.

Fig. 21

A hang tag (Fig. 22) explaining operation will be placed in vehicles at the assembly plant. The tag should remain in the vehicle so that the customer sees it. The operation of the ignition system also should be covered with customers during vehicle delivery.

Fig. 22

Because the operation only requires a slight push inward, it is very possible that many customers may not even notice it. Many drivers automatically push the key inward when operating the ignition switch.

The cylinder and housing for the Push-to-Turn-Off Ignition are different than previous model years and cannot be swapped to an earlier model. Additionally, with the new design, the cylinder is only serviceable fully assembled. The tumblers can no longer be serviced within a cylinder. The cylinder must be ordered with the key code to match the Original Equipment (OE).

TIP: There is no change to the RPO between the model years with and without the Push-to-Turn-Off Ignition.

If a customer cannot rotate the key out of the Lock/Off position, it may be due to the steering binding with the front wheels turned off center, which can cause the ignition to stick in the Lock/Off position. Do not confuse this common occurrence with a malfunction of the Push-to-Turn-Off Ignition. Turning the steering wheel from right to left while turning the key to the Accessory position should resolve the binding condition.

– Thanks to Bob Wittmann

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