Frequent Navigation Service Has Expired Message

The infotainment system may display a “Navigation service has expired.” message on some 2018-2019 Regal, ATS, CTS, XTS, Terrain; 2019 CT6, XT4, Blazer, Camaro, Colorado, Equinox, Malibu, Silverado, Volt, Canyon and Sierra models equipped with navigation radios (RPOs IOU, IOT). (Fig. 22) If the navigation service is still active, a “Navigation services is going to expire in XX days.” message may appear. No DTCs will be set.

Fig. 22


The navigation system is designed to alert owners that their Connected Navigation service subscription or trial period is expiring so that they will be able to renew the subscription. If owners elect not to renew the subscription, the message also serves as an alert as to why the system may operate differently than it did when Connected Navigation services were active.

If the Connected Navigation services are expired, system operation will be limited to data stored locally in the SD card map data. Connected Navigation service provides access to cloud-based traffic and Point of Interest (POI) updates that may not be stored locally in the SD card.

While the reminder messages are meant to be informative, the frequency of the message may be occurring too often. In some cases, the messages may appear every ignition cycle.

If the messages appear too frequently, verify that the navigation system operates properly and provides navigation guidance. If the navigation system is not operating correctly, follow the appropriate Service Information diagnostics.

If the navigation system is operating correctly, but the services reminder message continues to display every ignition cycle, confirm with the customer whether the Connected Navigation services subscription through OnStar has been renewed.


Subscription Renewed

If the subscription has been renewed and the reminder message appears each ignition cycle, select No on the reminder popup to stop the message from occurring every ignition cycle. If the package subscription was renewed prior to the current one expiring, the message will still appear at its regularly scheduled intervals. Expiration popups should still be expected at 30-day and 3-day intervals. Instruct the customer to select No on the reminder popup. After the current subscription expires and the new one begins, a reminder popup should not be seen again until approximately 30 days before the next subscription expiration date.


Subscription Expired

If the subscription has not been renewed and the reminder message appears each ignition cycle, and the navigation system is operating properly, determine if the customer wishes to renew the subscription. The customer can contact OnStar to renew the subscription. However, if the customer does not wish to renew the subscription, perform the following procedure:

  1. Perform a Return to Factory Defaults command through the Settings > Vehicle menu on the infotainment system. (Fig. 23) A message will be displayed to contact OnStar because the connected services have expired.
  2. Select “Yes” to talk with an Advisor, and then decline to renew the service.


Fig. 23


An optional method is to create a new User Profile. Once the new profile is made, select “Yes” to talk to an Advisor when the 3-day popup appears, and then decline to renew connected services with the Advisor.

Once the subscription has been renewed or declined, turn off the ignition, disable Retained Accessory Power (RAP) and allow the radio to go to sleep. After two minutes, turn on the ignition and verify the connected services reminder message no longer appears.

GM Engineering is currently evaluating this condition and working on a repair recommendation. For additional information, refer to #PIC6357A.


– Thanks to Jeremy Richardson

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