Updated Essential Tool GE-52200-A Powertrain Lift Table Now Shipping

The updated GE-52200-A Powertrain Lift Table (Fig. 1) allows for easy removal and installation of powertrain and chassis components as well as fuel tanks, suspension components, and EV/PHEV high voltage batteries. The essential tool is currently being shipped to dealerships in support of the new 2020 GMC Acadia and Chevrolet Blazer, equipped with the new cylinder set strategy (CSS) family of engines (RPO: LSY). The tool also supports the earlier 2019 Cadillac XT4 and Chevrolet Bolt EV.


Fig. 1


The GE-52200-A air/hydraulic lift table is a multi-functional device with a specific hole pattern on the work surface for various essential tool/fixtures that support a variety of components and engines. (Fig. 2)


Fig. 2


The updated table features a ratcheting mechanical safety latch that provides a positive lock so that the table cannot be lowered until the release handle is applied. The release handle is equipped with a magnetic base so that it can be moved to a convenient location on the table during use.

The service top of the table features a 60/40 split work surface that allows powertrains to be separated while mounted to the table. (Fig. 3) The length of the table is adjusted by releasing the pins and sliding the table in or out. It automatically locks into position at several set points.


Fig. 3


The table has a capacity of 1,760 lbs. (798 kg) and a maximum lift height of 70 inches (178 cm), which can be actuated with a foot control pump. Connecting to shop air requires a quick connect fitting (not included). In addition to supporting vehicle components during service, the table lowers to a convenient height of 21.5 inches (54.6 cm) to provide a work bench surface that allows for better access to components to make repairs. (Fig. 4)


Fig. 4


Two independent T-handle adjustment screws are used for asymmetric tilting of the table surface. Two adjustment screws also secure the top when used as a work bench while a detent pin locks the table top in three open positions.

In addition, the 360-degree swivel casters have integrated foot butterfly locks and detent locks for directional movement control while the quick attachment handle can be connected to either end of the table to make it easy to move the table around the service bay.

For more information and detailed specifications, download the GE-52200-A lift table pdf (Fig. 5) or visit gmtoolsandequipment.com.


Fig. 5


– Thanks to Rick Jackson


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  1. Contact Bosch at 1-800-GM-Tools for concerns when receiving broken or damaged tools.

  2. Who do you order replacement parts for the new lift table, ours came in with the release pin knob broken off even with the table.

  3. Will Jordan says:

    What happens to the tables we currently have w/no ratchet. We were told not to use, is there an update for those or are we forced to buy new tables?

  4. For those who originally received the GE-52200 Propulsion Lift Table, Bosch is currently in the process of contacting appropriate Service Managers to schedule time for their Field Representative to perform an table inspection that will include: table update with mechanical stop, 8 point inspection of casters, welds, table top, pin, cylinder, pump, hoses and retrieve the GE-52200-50 Chain. At the conclusion, a new label will be installed: GE-52200-A.
    In the meantime, prior to your table update, it’s pertinent to continue to use the GE-52200-50 chain.

  5. The GE-52200-A table is available in Canada.

  6. Will a retrofit kit be made available or be shipping to dealers to update the existing tables with the ratcheting lock mechanism?

  7. ROB LUKINCHUK says:

    Is this released to U.S. only or is this for Canada as well?

  8. No. Dealerships with the GE-52200 will be contacted by Bosch in the near future for a Field Representative to perform upgrades to the table, which will then become a GE-52200-A.

  9. Don CLark says:

    we have the GE-52200 that just sits in the corner will we still be getting the GE-52200A

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