Whine Sound from Under Center of Vehicle

Some 2016-2017 CT6 models may have an intermittent whine sound from under the vehicle. The sound may be more pronounced under acceleration.

The sound may be caused by contact between the center bearing slinger and the rubber bearing support in the rear driveshaft assembly. Inspect the bearing and slinger for contact between the slinger and the rubber. (Fig. 26, A) There should be enough clearance between the slinger and rubber to allow proper movement of the bearing. (Fig. 26, B)


Fig. 26


Also check the backside of the bearing. If the bearing is moving rearward, it allows the slinger to also move rearward. (Fig. 27, C) If the bearing is installed properly, there will not be any movement rearward. (Fig. 27, D)


Fig. 27


If these conditions are found, replace the rear driveshaft assembly. Ensure that the when the replacement shaft is installed, the bearing support is installed so it does not load the bearing in the rubber mount.

When properly installed, the clearance between the slinger and rubber support mount should be between 0.7 and 1 mm (0.027 – 0.040 in.). (Fig. 28)


Fig. 28


When installing the driveshaft assembly, the bearing mount should be in the groove on both sides and centered in the left and right bolt holes. (Fig. 29, E)


Fig. 29


– Thanks to Steve Schipansky




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