HFV6 Remanufactured Engine Drivability Diagnosis Following Installation

After installing a GM remanufactured High Feature V6 (HFV6) engine in some 2007-2009 G6; 2007-2010 Aura, Outlook; 2007-2011 STS; 2007-2012 Malibu; 2007-2016 Allure (Canada only), LaCrosse, CTS, SRX; 2007-2017 Equinox, Acadia; 2007-2020 Enclave; 2008-2009 G8, Torrent; 2008-2010 Vue; 2009-2020 Traverse; 2010-2015 Camaro; 2010-2017 Terrain; 2012-2020 Impala; 2013-2015 ATS; 2013-2019 XTS; and 2015-2016 Colorado and Canyon models equipped with a 2.8L engine (RPO LP1, LAU), 3.0L engine (RPO LF1, LFW), or 3.6L engine (RPO LY7, LLT, LFY, LFX, LF3), a misfire, an illuminated Check Engine MIL or other drivability concerns may appear.

These conditions may be caused by a component transferred from the original engine that was not supplied with the replacement engine. These components may include camshaft actuator solenoids, fuel injectors, intake manifolds, and catalytic converters.

A mistimed engine or the incorrect camshaft or actuator for an engine also may cause these conditions.

If a misfire or DTC is found after engine installation, follow the diagnostics in the appropriate Service Information. Verify that the misfire or DTC is not caused by ignition, fuel, or electrical components that were not part of the replacement engine assembly.

For example, a stuck solenoid pintle in a bad camshaft actuator solenoid is indicated by an open hole visible in the body of the solenoid compared with a good actuator solenoid. (Fig. 4)

Fig. 4

Also check that the camshafts and actuators are correct and installed in the proper location. On the HFV6, the last two characters designates the bank (L or R) and the intake or exhaust (I or E). (Fig. 5)

Fig. 5

If diagnostics do not help identify the cause of the drivability concern, call the GM Technical Assistance Center for a recommendation on next steps before removing the timing cover or cylinder heads.

Refer to #PIP5528F for additional information.

– Thanks to Aron Wilson

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