Flutter Sound at Front of the Vehicle

A flutter, rattle or similar wind noise may be heard from either the left front end and/or right front end of the vehicle at highway speeds on some 2021 Tahoe and Yukon models. The sound may seem to be coming from the windshield area.

There may be excessive movement in the area (Fig. 23, #2) of the left or right front inner wheel well liner (Fig. 23, #1), resulting in the flutter sound.


Fig. 23


To correct the condition, apply a 1” x 3″ x 1/4″ piece of foam, or a couple layers of butyl tape, to the inside of the fender.

It’s necessary to partially remove the front wheel well liner to obtain access to the back/inboard side of the front fender. The back of the fender should be clean of any dirt, mud, etc.

On the back/inboard side of the fender, the foam or layers of butyl tape (Fig. 23, #5) should be applied starting at the fender feature line (Fig. 23, #7) and 10mm from the fender flange. (Fig. 23, #6) The foam/butyl tape needs to create a cross car interference with the fender liner return flange.


Fig. 24


It may be necessary to use a trim stick or similar tool to pull the wheel house liner to the full forward position when reinstalling the wheel well liner. With the foam/butyl tape installed, there should not be any fore/aft movement when lightly pushing on the wheel well liner.

– Thanks to Jim Will

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