3rd-Row Headrest Service Kit

After cycling a 3rd-row seat to the up position on some 2021 Tahoe, Suburban and Yukon models, the headrest may not return to or stay in the upright position. In some cases, if excessive force is used to move the headrest, it may stay in the upright position. (Fig. 15)


Fig. 15


The headrest may not stay in the upright position due to the locking mechanism not engaging inside the headrest. To correct the condition, a headrest service kit is available from the Warranty Parts Center (WPC).

To order the kit, submit a TSP Dealer Request Form. The form is available at Global Connect > Service Department > Service Forms Application > General Information tab > TSP Dealer Request Form. Order two kits in order to replace both 3rd-row headrests at the same time, even if there is only an issue with one of the headrest.

The headrest service kit includes the headrest core (Fig. 16, C), pin (Fig. 16, D), button (Fig. 16, E), and bezels (Fig. 16, F). The headrest trim cover (Fig. 16, A) and foam (Fig. 16, B) are reused from the original headrest.


Fig. 16


The service procedure includes inserting the new pin from the service kit and installing the new button assembly key on the new headrest core. (Fig. 17) Complete instructions for assembling the headrest service kit are covered in #PIT5773A.

Also refer to #PIT5773A for service kit part numbers as well as additional information.


Fig. 17


– Thanks to Jim Will

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