Check the Sales Order Guide Before Changing Tire and Wheel Sizes

When changing tire and wheel sizes on 2003-2021 GM models, a new tire calibration will be needed. GM offers tire calibrations for tires that have been sized, tested and designed for the vehicle in question and its applications. (Fig. 18) Other tires that do not meet these qualifications will not be supported and tire calibrations will not be available.


Fig. 18


To determine if a tire calibration is available for a vehicle where a different tire and wheel size is desired, check the sales order guide in the dealership’s sales department. If a vehicle can be built in the sales order guide using the same make, model year, and trim as well as meet any restrictions in the tire section, GM will have a corresponding calibration available.

For example, a customer with a 2018 Colorado 2LT Crew Cab built with 255/65/R17 size tires would not be able to install a set of wheels and tires from a 2019 Chevrolet Colorado Z71 with 265/65/R17 size tires. Based on the sales order guide, the 2LT trim is only available with either 255/65/R17 or 265/60/R18 size tires. For this reason, a calibration will not be offered for this application.

TIP: When changing the tire size for new vehicles prior to the first sale and/or to a tire and wheel size that may require a different pressure or alter the cargo carrying capacity of the vehicle, refer to the latest version of Bulletin #12-00-89-007.

Once the tire application has been confirmed per the sales order guide, contact the Techline Customer Support Center (TCSC) to determine calibration availability. Tire and wheel changes are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.


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