Dual Clutch Transmission MCVM PUN

After making repairs to the Dual Clutch Transmission (RPO M1L) on 2020-2021 Corvette models, including Shift Activation (SAV), Main Control Valve (MCV) or direct clutch replacement, the Transmission Control Module (TCM) needs to be characterized with the new Part Unique Number (PUN) as specifically called out in the repair procedure in the appropriate Service Information. There may be some confusion when comparing the service tool with the Service Information instructions.

Service Information is very detailed in specifying that the 22-digit PUN is needed. (Fig. 15) There is a 21-digit and 22-digit PUN on these parts. The 21-digit PUN is for supplier use only and should not be entered when TCM programming.


Fig. 15


TIP: Take a photo of the 22-digit PUN or document or record the PUN in some way to ensure that it is properly identified before installing the part on the transmission.

To perform the solenoid reprogramming procedure in SPS, select the SPS TCM programming event, “Transmission Control Module” and “MCVM Operations.” (Fig. 16)


Fig. 16


After selecting the MCVM operation – Replace Characterized Transmission Components, the next SPS characterization screen states, “Please enter valve body assembly PUN.” (Fig. 17) There is not an option for the clutch or SAV. Enter the PUN from the component that was replaced and the PUN will be mapped to the correct information. Be sure to complete all steps in the programming procedure in Service Information.


Fig. 17


– Thanks to Steve Schipansky

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  1. Ed Popelas says:

    Had the same issue Gavio had. Called support was told to use old system, went through no problem.

  2. Tried to enter PUN thru techline connect for over 1 hour,,Went thru SPS the old way..Done 30 seconds..Any help for the furture?

  3. Humberto Chavez says:

    How would I correctly locate the 22 dig pun when the qr code returns the same 21 digit?

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