A/C Blows Warm Intermittently

Possible A/C refrigerant contamination may be causing the air conditioning to take longer than usual to cool the vehicle on some 2020-2021 Equinox and 2021 Blazer models. Check the latest version of #PIT5834 for the VIN breakpoints of the affected models.

If the A/C is slow to cool and the condition can be duplicated on the vehicle, recover the refrigerant using the GE-50957 Contaminated Refrigerant Recovery Machine. Inspect for possible contamination by removing the compressor solenoid, the inlet and outlet lines from the condenser, and the Thermal Expansion Valve (TXV). Look for contamination as shown. (Fig. 17)


Fig. 17


If contamination is found, take pictures of the solenoid, TXV and each of the fittings, open a Technical Assistance Center (TAC) case and attach them to the case. (Fig. 18) Pictures at all these points are required for review.


Fig. 18


If visible contamination, as shown, is not seen, reinstall the lines and diagnose the A/C system using the performance chart and diagnostics in the appropriate Service Information.

Refer to #PIT5834 for additional information.


– Thanks to Ken Cole

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  1. do we get paid to perform this if no contamination is found. seems like alot of work not to get paid.

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