Loose Terminals Result in Multiple Conditions

Some 2020-2021 Blazers may have a number of various conditions occurring, such as multiple instrument cluster indicators illuminated, instrument cluster gauges dropping out, door locks cycling, inoperative passive entry and other concerns. The following DTCs also may be set: B280D, B3978, B3979, B3980, B3981, C0293, C0800, P057C, P0650, P2122, P2127, P2128, U023A, U026A, U0078, U0100, U0101, U0121, U0131, U0140, U0146, U0151, U0159, U0168, and U0186.

If these conditions are present, they may be the result of terminals that are loose or not attached at G401 in the rear compartment. (Fig. 14)


Fig. 14


Inspect G401, which is located under the trim panel on the right side of the rear compartment to the rear of the right wheel well. G401 (Fig. 15, #2) is located slightly below and forward of G405. (Fig. 15, #1)


Fig. 15


Ensure that there are two wires attached to G401 (Fig. 16) and that the nut is properly installed.


Fig. 16


– Thanks to Dave Goodrow

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