Assessing Park Assist Sensor Damage

The park assist sensors (Fig. 1) for Front and Rear Park Assist Systems (RPO UD7, UD5, UFQ, UKG, UKZ) on some 2018-2022 GM passenger cars, crossovers, trucks and SUVs may be damaged due to a number of conditions. Park assist sensors with non-warrantable damage or conditions, such as visible impact damage, should not be replaced under warranty.


Fig. 1


Here are some examples of non-warrantable damage or conditions to park assist sensors.


Stone Chip and Membrane Damage

Check for a sensor with visible stone chip and membrane damage. (Fig. 2)


Fig. 2


Damaged Connector

Inspect the sensor for damage to the connector. (Fig. 3)


Fig. 3


Damaged Retained Tabs

The retaining tabs should not show any damage from impacts or improper removal. (Fig. 4)


Fig. 4


Twisted Sensors

The double marks on the sensor should be aligned. (Fig. 5) Do not twist the sensor to try and remove the painted cap.


Fig. 5


A twisted sensor without the marks aligned is typically caused during sensor removal or installation. (Fig. 6)


Fig. 6


Painted Incorrectly

Verify the sensor is painted correctly without any overspray, grinding or re-painting. (Fig. 7) Follow the appropriate Service Information for the correct painting procedure. Do not refinish previously painted sensors. Excess paint build-up will cause the sensor to be inoperative.


Fig. 7


Connector Interface

Check for any damage by the outside environment, including a corroded connector. (Fig. 8)


Fig. 8


Be sure to precisely follow the removal and installation procedures in the appropriate Service Information in order to avoid sensor damage.

Refer to Bulletin #22-NA-012 for additional information.


– Thanks to Kristin Clancy


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