Torque Converter Fluid Seal Leak

Fluid may be noticed leaking from the front of some 2019 XTS, Impala and Acadia models equipped with the 6T70, 6T75 or 6T80 automatic transmission (RPO MHM, M7U, M7W, M7V). The fluid may be transmission fluid coming from the front of the transmission in the torque converter area.

Some transmissions may have fluid leaking from or around the torque converter fluid seal, which may not have been installed correctly during assembly. The seal may have been damaged during installation of the torque converter or may be excessively worn due to the improper installation.

Check the torque converter fluid seal (Fig. 6) for any leaking or damage and replace it if necessary. Removing and installing a new seal requires special tools DT 23129 Universal Seal Remover, DT 49861 Seal Installer, and GE 6125-1B Slide Hammer with Adapter or equivalent.


Fig. 6


TIP: Support the back side of the torque converter housing while installing the seal. Install the seal until it stops moving. Do not apply excessive pressure to the seal once it is seated, which could cause damage to the torque converter housing casting.

Also inspect the torque converter for damage. Replacement of the torque converter is not necessary unless a pressure test shows a leak or if there is turbine hub damage.

Refer to Bulletin #20-NA-023 for additional information and part numbers.


– Thanks to Mark Kevnick

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  1. The correct process would be to use the transmission holding fixture DT-3289-20 and holding fixture adapter DT-39890, which will support the transmission without disassembly.

  2. Rod Schwenneker says:

    How would the you support the back of the housing when the time does not allow for time or parts to split the case on torque converter seal replacement except in cases of clutch distress?