3rd-Row Power Folding Seat Switch Connection

Some 2021-2023 Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon and Escalade models may have a low battery or no engine crank condition after the vehicle sits for a day or more. Checking for a battery draw will reveal a 200–300 milliamp draw. The draw on the battery may be caused by a 3rd-row power folding seat switch (Fig. 9) keeping the Body Control Module (BCM) in standby mode.


Fig. 9


If the battery draw is present, verify if the 3rd-row power folding seats can be operated from the power folding seat switches located on the right side of the rear quarter panel in the cargo area. If a power folding seat switch does not operate, the switch may be unplugged, which will keep the BCM in standby mode. Check the switch to ensure that it is fully connected to the harness connector. (Fig. 10)


Fig. 10


For more details, refer to #PIT6063.

– Thanks to Jim Will

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