Inoperative Front Heated Seat Switch Indicator Lights

It may appear that the front heated seats do not turn on in some 2023-2024 Silverado and Sierra trucks. When a front heated seat is turned on, any combination of the three “on” indicator lights, or all of the lights, in the heated seat switch (Fig. 2) may be inoperative. Since the indicator lights do not illuminate, it may appear that the front heated seats are not heating properly. However, the heated seats will still operate normally.


Fig. 2


The inoperative heated seat indicator lights may be due to an issue with the A26 Front HVAC User Interface Control. (Fig. 3) Do not replace any parts at this time as the replacement parts will have the same issue. Updated parts are being developed.


Fig. 3


Customers should be informed that the front heated seats will continue to operate normally when turned on; however, the switch indicators will not illuminate. When the vehicle is first started, the heated seats will be off. With the vehicle running, pressing the heated seat switch will cycle through the high, medium, low and off settings.

Refer to #PIT6073 for additional information.


– Thanks to Jim Will

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